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Your Next Party Needs a Bartender. Here’s Why.

Planning and hosting a party can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Parties strategically planned and managed will be more entertaining and more relaxing events for your guests and especially you. Properly managing your party or event means to have sufficient help. Having a bartender will ensure you have the help you need as well as perfectly concocted cocktails.

PartyLifter’s professional and experienced bartenders ensure you have delicious drinks poured by the pros. Hiring one of PartyLifter’s seasoned bartenders also lets you spend time where it matters most–with guests. Consider the following reasons why you should hire a PartyLifter bartender.

Bartenders know the tricks of the trade

A PartyLifter bartender can make complicated cocktails you or your guests may not know how to make. Bartenders also know the exact amount of alcohol needed for your drinks. Party hosts who take on the role as amateur bartenders tend to over pour drinks and inadequately add other ingredients. A professional bartender will ensure your drinks are perfect.

Guests will be wowed

Your guests will appreciate the extra attention at your party and will feel special and impressed by the level of service. Your party bartender can answer questions for your guests and make drinks specific to your guests’ requests. Ask your bartender if he or she has any specialties he or she can create for your guests.

You can focus on your guests

Hosts should not be bartenders. Doing everything for everyone is exhausting and you’ll likely not be able to do it all. Having a bartender at your party will allow you to focus on other things, like entrainment or food, or more importantly, making your guests feel welcome.

A party bartender is a minimal investment that has mega returns. PartyLifter’s bartenders are professional, experienced and background checked. Pump up your party with a PartyLifter bartender.

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