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PartyLifter Feature: Tip, Extension & Acknowledgement

Ever wonder if it’s possible to manage your party or event using an app? The Tip, Extension and Acknowledgement feature in the PartyLifter app PartyLifter lets party hosts manage their bartenders and servers.

Sometimes parties last longer than expected. Need your bartender or server to stay a little longer than you originally anticipated? With a few simple clicks, you can request a time extension. You can also acknowledge your party staff’s arrival and departure time.

The PartyLifter app even enables party and event hosts to tip their bartenders and servers through the app for the terrific service they provide.

You’ll never want to plan or host a party again without the help of PartyLifter. Hire bartenders and servers for your next party and manage your party needs using the PartyLifter app.

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PartyLifter provides bartenders and servers and lets you select drinks for your parties and events.