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PartyLifter Surprise Party

Kudos to you for taking on the task of throwing a surprise party for your special someone. It’s a loving gesture they’ll fondly remember. To keep your surprise a secret, we’ve got some great steps to help you plan and throw a spectacular surprise.

Pick A Date

A main hurdle is selecting a date you are sure your guest of honor can make. Will he or she be in town? Do they have another commitment? If the surprise party is for a friend, you may want to spill your secret to their significant other. Choosing a party partner in crime is a good idea to help you pull off your surprise. A spouse or someone else close to them is a good person to help. Ask them if there is a date your guest of honor can surely make.


Decide on where to hold your party. Are you having it at your home? Maybe you’ve selected a venue. Perhaps you invite your honorary guest over to your place under the guise of a casual get together. The closer you hold your party to the home of your honoree, the more likely they will be surprised and not figure out what is going on. Be sure your guests know the location of your party and show up before your guest of honor.

Food and Drink

Plan to serve your special guest’s favorite foods and drinks. Investigate what they like best and make certain to select options that don’t conflict with any dietary restrictions or preferences. Party planners and hosts use the PartyLifter app to oder food and drinks for parties. Be sure to check it out. It will save you time planning and selecting your menu.


When you invite guests, don’t forget to specify on your invitation that the party is a surprise party. You don’t want any of the guests to tell your guest of honor about the party. If you’ve enlisted the help of someone close to them, you can ask them to help with the guest list.


After keeping your surprise a secret for weeks or even months, plan to have your honoree arrive 30-60 minutes after guests have. Your guest of honor will arrive to a lively and festive event that is in full swing.

Throwing a surprise party to celebrate a birthday, milestone or life event is a sweet way to surprise and show your honoree how much you care about them.

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