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Throwing a party on a budget

Hosting a party doesn’t have to be expensive. If you prepare and plan well, you can throw a terrific party on a tight budget. We’ve complied some of our favorite tips for hosting an awesome party on a budget.

Electronic invitations are quick and easy to send and can help you manage your party’s guest list and count. You’ll save time and will also get faster responses from your guests.

Consider throwing a potluck. Most people have that one dessert, salad or side they love to make and share. You’ll have a savory smorgasbord of everyone’s best culinary cuisine. Be sure to let guests know you’ll provide the main dish.

Shop smart. If you plan your party several weeks in advance, you can be on the lookout for decorations and other items that are on sale. Party, discount and craft stores are great outlets to find hidden treasures that were once costly, and have been greatly discounted. Picking up a few bottles of wine or soda when it’s on sale will help you get more and save money.

Add magic to the mood by making a music list to play during the party. Be sure to place lit candles throughout your home to add energy and light. Strategically putt them in places that will reflect the light or create interesting shadows when the flame flickers. Don’t forget to add a few bouquet bunches to make guests feel welcome.

Your party doesn’t have to be a showy or expensive event. The purpose is to enjoy the company of friends and family.

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