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Planning a large scale event, such as a wedding reception, anniversary party, or even a birthday party can take weeks and even months. It’s not unheard of for party hosts to set part dates and lay the groundwork for their party a year in advance. Let’s face it, there is a lot to do to make sure your special day is spectacular. Strategically planning and taking care of all the finite details accomplishes a well planned party your guests will never forget. More importantly, one you can look back on and fondly remember.

Doing it all is unrealistic. You can’t be everywhere at once and do everything. Along with providing alcohol, waiters and bartenders, PartyLifter also provides additional party support such as the ability to hire DJ’s, party decorators and photographers.

The Music

We often hear couples say, “That’s our song.” Why? Because music is important. It takes us to a time or place that is special to us. Your party or event music should make a connection with your party guests. This can be accomplished through a DJ. A professional DJ will have a repertoire of artists, music and genres to add to the ambiance of your party or event. A professional DJ will be able to take requests and play sets that gets your guests on the dance floor. Learn more here.

The Muse

Most parties have a motif or muse that inspires a theme. Having a professional decorator implement your vision is likely to save you time and money. Professional decorators have connections and decor selections the rest of us do not have. They also can probably get your decorations at a discounted rate. Ensure your celebration is one that will wow guests. Read more here.

The Memories

Even the best camera phone filters can’t beat a professionally taken photo. Capturing your event or party with a professional photographer will ensure your memories live forever, and you and your guests are as stunning as your celebration. Professional photographers know how to get the best angles, use the best lighting and have the equipment necessary to achieve the best pictures. More info here.

PartyLifter knows what it takes to throw an awesome party. Party planners and hosts rely on the PartyLifter app to order alcohol, hire waitstaff and bartenders. They also use it to enhance events by hiring professional DJ’s, party planners and photographers.

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PartyLifter provides bartenders, servers, DJs, photographers and decorators and lets you select drinks and food for your parties and events.