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Party menu ideas when you can't cook

Hosting an upcoming party and not sure what to serve? If you’re thinking of throwing a party, but cooking isn’t really your thing, or catering isn’t in the budget, PartyLifter has some quick and delicious menu ideas your guests will love.

You don’t have to prepare your menu selection for days or be stuck in the kitchen a week before your party. PartyLifter has compiled some of our favorite quick and delicious party food ideas you can prepare or purchase a few hours before your party.

Sandwich Smorgasbord

Chicken is sure to be loved by most, if not all your guests. Pick up a few rotisserie chickens from your local deli. Pull the chicken off the bone and add some barbecue sauce. Buy a selection of breads and have a smorgasbord of BBQ chicken sandwiches and sliders.

Deli Delights

While at the deli, pick up or create a charcuterie board. Select a variety of hearty and tasty meats and cheeses. For your meat, include common favorites such as hard salami, prosciutto and ham. Choose hard and soft cheeses that range from sharp to mellow.

Fresh and Fruity

Grocery stores have a terrific variety of pre-made fruit salads. Pick one or two up, or buy your favorite fruits to create your own. Be sure to check out other salad options at your local market. Anti-pasta, macaroni and potato salads are always party favorites.

Frozen and Fantastic

Don’t be afraid to pick up a few frozen food items. For example, a few bags of frozen meatballs heated and served in pipping hot marinara or spaghetti sauce is delicious and delightful. There are other great items, such as frozen dips and appetizers that are every bit tasty as they are tempting.

Decadent Desserts

While shopping for your party, don’t forget a few sweet treats for your guests. Pick up a few pies and ice cream. Warm your pies up for a few minutes before serving to your guests. Apple pie à la mode is perfect for just about any party.

You don’t have to be a chef or have any culinary skills to throw a great party. You just have to know what to shop and how to shop.

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