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Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette parties are a terrific tribute to the bride-to-be. Typically they are planned and organized by the bridesmaids. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate your honoree and let her know how much you cherish her friendship and her upcoming nuptials. Whether you’re planning a party at a local venue or a weekend getaway, we’ve got some great tips to make the bridal bash epic.


You should start strategizing the bachelorette party approximately four months in advance. The party should be what the bride wants. Ask her what she prefers. Does she want to stay close to home or travel to a tropical oasis? Finding out what type of party the bride-to-be wants and who to invite are two important aspects of your party planning. The rest of the party planning can typically be left to the bridesmaids.


After your destination or venue is established, compile the guest list. Guests should include her closest friends and family. It is also a good idea to include her fiancee’s sisters, even if the bride to be is not particularly close to them. Bachelorette party guests should be guests at the wedding as well. You don’t want to invite anyone who is not going to receive a wedding invitation.

The Party

The party details depend on the location. If you’re hosting the party at a bridesmaid’s home, you’ll want to have food, drinks, music and games. If the party is a weekend trip, you can still have food, drinks and games in the hotel. A few other party destination decisions you’ll need to make is how to fill the weekend with fun. Consider wine tasting, massages or a night on the town at local hot spots. Using the PartyLifter app will help you plan your party, as well as hire any helpers you need or order food and alcohol. 

The purpose of your party is to acknowledge the future bride. Sharing special memories of your friendship and why she is important to you will make her feel even more loved. Planning a bachelorette party takes organization as well as a tremendous amount of effort. Communicating with the honoree, bridesmaids and guests will ensure you meet expectations and have an incredible party. 


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