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A well crafted drink can turn a dull, boring party in to one that’s rip-roaring. Most of us are probably good at discerning which drinks taste good. It’s creating the cocktails that’s the hard part.

Be the Best Bartender Ever

PartyLifter provides party hosts who decide to take on the role of bartender a Virtual Bartender through the PartyLifter app. The Virtual Bartender ensures your drinks are properly made. You can confidently create delicious cocktails that will have your guests believing you’re an accomplished mixologist.

Here’s how it works. You select any cocktail you want and the PartyLifter app shows you a virtual cocktail glass with all the ingredients in it. You can adjust the size of the cocktail you want by dragging the glass up and down. Adjusting the size of the virtual glass shows you exactly how much of each ingredient you need for the cocktail.

PartyLifter lets party hosts and planners throw anything from simple socials to elaborate extravaganzas. Order alcohol and food and hire bartenders, servers, a DJ, photographer and decorator for your next party using PartyLifter.

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PartyLifter provides bartenders, servers, DJs, photographers and decorators and lets you select drinks and food for your parties and events.