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Invite party guests using the Guest List feature

Share Your Party Drink List and Food Menu with Guests

We bet you have some great drink selections for your party goers, as well as fabulous food choices. 

The Party Menu feature in the PartyLifter app lets you share your party or event cocktail, beer and wine list with your guests. It also lets you share all your food choices. With a few clicks, you can let guests know you have a tempting and tasty array of beverages for them, as well as your entire food menu.

PartyLifter lets party hosts schedule, plan, order alcohol and hire bartenders and servers for parties and events. The PartyLifter app has extensive features. The app lets party hosts invite and communicate with guests, as well as manage all the various stages of party planning and hosting.

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PartyLifter provides bartenders and servers and lets you select drinks for your parties and events.