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PartyLifter Guest List Feature

You’ve decided to throw a party. You’ve picked the date, theme and venue. You know what food and drinks you’re going to serve. You’ve selected the entertainment and hired a bartender and server to make sure your guests are taken care of.

How are you going to invite your guests?

PartyLifter’s Guest List feature makes it easy to invite guests. Email your guests through the PartyLifter app and your guests will be notified that they are invited to your party or event. PartyLifter will even send your guest a reminder the day of your party. The Guest List app features also lets party hosts send their party drink menu to guests.

PartyLifter transforms the way party hosts and planners plan, host and manage their parties. Plan your party and invite guests using PartyLifter today.

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PartyLifter provides bartenders and servers and lets you select drinks for your parties and events.