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Birthday Party Planning Tips

Birthday parties are the most common celebrated parties. Birthday parties are more than cake, ice cream and blowing out candles. They mark milestones and achievements––goals and accomplishments. Celebrating a birthday surrounded by friends and family provides a terrific way to commemorate another year. Whether you’re planning a sweet sixteen party or celebrating a centennial, we’ve got some great planning tips to ensure the guest of honor’s day is special.

The Date

The most convenient time for guests to attend a party is over the weekend. If the birthday party is for a child, select early to mid afternoon. If you’re celebrating a teenager or adult, you can opt for a later time. When setting the date, make sure the start and end time of the birthday party is clear.


Creating the guest list is one of the most important steps in throwing a birthday party. Are you only going to invite family members or are you going to invite every one of the guest of honor’s Facebook friends? If you host the party in your home, guest size will be a factor. The guest size will impact all aspects of your party, including venue, food, drinks, entertainment, staff, and of course, cost.


If the birthday party is small and intimate, you can celebrate at home. If the party is large and lavish you’ll likely want to select a venue such as a banquet room in a hotel. If you invite out of town guests and decide to host the party at a hotel, guests can make hotel reservations at your selected venue.

Food and Drinks

Are you going to serve light bites and snacks or a multiple course meal? Are you going to offer cocktails? If the birthday party is in the afternoon, you can serve a lighter menu. If the party is at dinner time, you’ll need to select the menu accordingly. Most party guests will expect dinner if the party is at dinner time. Party hosts and planners routinely rely on the PartyLifter app to order everything from salads and sweets to appetizers and entrees.


Be sure to invite guests to the birthday party a few weeks before the celebration. We all have busy schedules and commitments. You don’t want anyone to miss the party because they already committed to something else.

Planning a birthday party can be a fun task to take on. If planned properly, the honoree is sure to have a wonderful start to the year ahead!

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