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PartyLifter New Year's Party Tips

New Year’s Eve parties are the perfect way to celebrate the New Year. In a few weeks we’ll be welcoming in a new year, decade and era. Just because the rebellious twenty-teen years will be behind us, it doesn’t mean we still can’t party. Whether you’re opting to throw a quiet and cozy get together, or a vivacious and bodacious bash, we’ve got some awesome ideas to ring in 2020.

Select a Party Theme

Pick a theme for your party. Theme parties get guests involved in the party and lets them get creative. Consider a “Party like its 1999” party, Masquerade party or a Hollywood party. Theme parties have a way of getting guests excited for the party and keeps parties energized throughout the night. 

Timing is Everything

The most important part of the night is midnight. If your party is too early, guests may dine and dash before the clock strikes twelve. If you plan on serving dinner, plan your party for eight o’clock. Start your party at night if you are serving light bites and drinks. You may consider having a countdown clock to keep track of time and make the night extra special.

Create a Countdown Playlist

Having music at your New Year’s Eve party is a guarantee guests will get up and grove even if their dance moves are the greatest. Create a play list with some seasonal selections as well as some timely tunes that everyone knows and loves. 

New Year’s Eve Food & Drinks

Your New Year’s Eve party may be the last time your guests indulge in comfort foods, sweet treats and drinks prior to their upcoming healthy lifestyle New Year’s resolutions. Traditional New Year’s foods labeled as “lucky” include: black-eye peas, pork, cabbage, cake, greens, lentils, fruits and fish. Most importantly, make sure your guests have champagne to toast to at midnight.

A New Year’s Eve party is the best way to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome in the New Year. 

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