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How to Hire a Wedding Photographer

Hiring the right wedding photographer is important. Finding the right one can also be difficult. Your wedding photos will hold memories and will become a treasured keepsake you’ll cherish forever. The following tips will ensure you have a phenomenal photographer for your special day.


Any accomplished artist has a portfolio of his or her best work. When interviewing your photographer, be sure and ask to see examples that showcases their best. While vetting your potential photographers, read online reviews and ratings to see how well the photographer worked with clients. A good place to start your wedding photographer search is on PartyLifter. You’ll be able to browse photographers and portfolios that fit your needs best. 


If your venue is already selected, find out if the potential photographers you are screening have ever taken photographs at your venue. Doing so will give you a good indication on how your photographs will turn out. 


Does your style match the photographer’s? Ask your photographer prospects what influences their style, as well as what techniques they employ. The chemistry you have with your photographer is important. Having a like-minded approach will help ensure your photographer delivers on your expectations. 


Budget is a factor that can’t be overlooked or denied. Additionally, cost will likely dictate your selection pool. Having clear communication and conversations regarding your budget will help you get the most out of your budget, no matter what it is. 


Many couples have their rehearsal dinner and post wedding brunch photographed as well. If you can afford to have extras, go for it. If you can’t, remember it’s better to have high quality over high quantity. Most couples prefer to have less photographs that are high quality than an abundance of photographs that are lackluster. 

Your wedding photographs will capture and freeze your special day in time forever. One thing is certain, your wedding photography will become part of your family history, chronicling the special day where it all began. 

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