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PartyLifter Halloween Party

Halloween is a wonderful time of year when children and adults can dress up in creative costumes and consume as much candy as they can. It’s also one of the best occasions to celebrate with a party. The following party tips are sure to treat your guests and make your party the highlight of their Halloween.


Be sure to get your invitations out to guests a week or two before your party. Selecting the date is up to you, however, most people will able to attend the Friday or Saturday before Halloween. Be sure to check your neighborhood’s trick or treat schedule so you can plan accordingly. 


When inviting guests, be sure to specify your party is a costume party. Halloween is, after all, a season for fantasy and fun. Let guests know you’ll be awarding prizes for creative costumes ranging from the cutest to the creepiest. 

Decorate on a Budget

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on Halloween decorations to have a great party. Dim lights and flicker candles will create a spooky scene to get guests in a macabre mood. Pick up a few pumpkins and make a Halloween music mix to play at your party. 


Having a buffet and food stations will set a casual atmosphere. You can serve a few main items and offer a variety of appetizers if you’d like. A buffet and food stations will let guest nimble throughout the night as they mix among guests. 


Having a signature Halloween drink will put your guests and ghouls in a festive spirit. Be sure to check out PartyLifter’s virtual bartender feature in the app. The virtual bartender will help you create cocktails for your guests.

Halloween is a wonderful time of year. When you throw a party, you can be as casual and creative as you like. In fact, a Halloween party can be one of the most cost effective and entertaining parties you throw all year.

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