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You said, “I do.” Now what do you do? Whether you have a long engagement or a short one, there is no better way to celebrate your engagement and upcoming wedding than with a party. The weeks or months leading up to your wedding will likely be hectic. Start the planning period off with a fun and stressless party you and your guests will love. Select a date and time, set a budget, invite guests, pick a theme and celebrate! The following themes are easy to plan and packed full of love and livelihood. 

Cocktail Party

One of the most popular choices for a theme party is a cocktail party. At your cocktail party, serve your favorite drinks and ask your bartender to create a signature cocktail special to you and your fiancée. Be ready to start the evening off with a toast. 

Sunday Brunch

 A champagne brunch is always a hit. Brunches have everyone’s favorite foods and tend to be less expensive than dinner parties. Host the gathering at your place or pick the best brunch hot spot in town. It’s a sure bet your brunch will be the best part of your guests’ weekend. 

Garden Party

It doesn’t get much more traditional than an engagement garden party. Pack your patio and outdoor space with as many flowers as you can fit. For a fun touch, have enough flowers so guests can gather and arrange a bouquet of blooms to take home with them. Serve tea and have a signature cocktail available for guests. Light bites, appetizers and finger food makes the perfect pairing for your party.


A backyard BBQ bash is a carefree and casual way to celebrate your engagement. For your menu, offer traditional classics like burgers and hotdogs coupled with corn on the cob, coleslaw, potato salad and pasta salad. For more main dish options, consider steak, ribs and seafood. Place a few buckets filled with ice, soda and beer so guests can help themselves to drinks.

Engagement parties will bring your friends and family together to celebrate your engagement and upcoming nuptials. You don’t have to have an extravagant engagement party for it to be one you and your guest will never forget. 


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