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Best bartending schools websites 2020

Below is a list of the most popular bartending school websites in Los Angeles area. We handpicked 10 Best bartending schools out of many schools in the LA area, and we’ve filtered through them all to discover the best ones in teaching to convert you from newbie to master mixologist.

Employment of bartenders is projected to grow 8 percent from 2018 to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. Overall job prospects are expected to be very good because of the need to replace workers who leave the occupation.


Top 10 list

Best Bartending School

If you are looking for Hands-on Training, Flexible schedule, Job Placement Assistance, Work Part/ Full Time and Have Fun and Make Money at the same time. Visit their website and reserve your free introductory class today.

Bartending Training Institute

If you are looking for modern bartending training in a real-bar environment with an award-winning instructor, Hands-on Training behind a real bar experience, you should attend a FREE hands-on bartending class at Bartending Training Institute.

National Bartenders Bartending School

National Bartenders Bartending Schools began in 1984 with our first school campus in Los Angeles, California. Since then, we’ve grown, but our vision has always stayed the same – to train the best bartenders in the area. We now feature high quality, affordable bartending schools across Southern California & New York.

If you are looking for a flexible schedule and paid training course, LAbartending is the school that trains in Craft, Flair, POS Systems, in addition to alcohol awareness training! If you’re in the West Los Angeles area, drop by and check out a bartending class.

The Mixology Master Method™

The Mixology Master Method™ is designed to give bartenders the relevant info they need for modern bartending. This 32-hour course is planed to produce a balanced bartender. By the time we’ve finished with you, you will be over-qualified to work in sports/ dive bars, or perfectly primed for a craft cocktail and upscale restaurant bars.

Pacific Bartending School

Pacific Bartending School is an established, accredited bartending school and the premier bartending school of Los Angeles, specializing in the training and certification of aspiring bartenders. Accreditation from the Pacific Bartending School is recognized by the hospitality industry nationwide. If you want to learn to bartend properly and profitably, then the Pacific Bartending School is the school for you.

National Bartender School and Staffing

When it comes to instruction, National Bartender’s School is a Mixology Institution.
University of Mixology has come up with 8 mastery courses consisting of high level craft, customer service, liquor, wine and beer knowledge. Instruction is hands on, with actual bar stations to allow proper techniques and preparation with a certified instructor.


Elemental Mixology offers everything from casual classes for home-mixers to continuing education for the most-veteran of bar-tenders. Elemental Mixology is not a typical “bartending school” taught using colored water by instructors with make-believe experience.
This is the foremost drink-mixing and liquor sommellery school in the world. Only authentic ingredients and liquor are used, and the material is taught according to pre-prohibition tradition and contemporary industry experience.

Learn To Make Cocktails With An Expert. Skip the high prices of bartending school. All cocktail classes are structured to learn the fundamentals of making cocktails. you will learn the basic use of the bar tools, cocktail terminology, cocktail history and all together we will make a total of three cocktails: 2 classic cocktails, as well as an original crafted cocktail created for each individual class.

Earn your bartending certificate from Professional Bartending School and receive your nationally recognized bartending certification. People nationwideuse our online class to learn at home at their own pace. You earn authentic bartender certification from our respected, state-approved bartending school.


If you are pursuing your carrier as a professional bartender, it is a smart investment to obtain a proper license form an excellent bartending school. You’ll probably want to get a part-time bartending job to see how much you like bartending and gain some hands-on experience behind the bar.

Before signing up with any of the schools listed above, make sure to do complete research on each course and find out if they are the right school for you.


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