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party Bartending Tips

Bartending is an exciting career. Bartenders generally have flexible schedules and aren’t tied down to the day to day dullness of corporate culture. Every day is different for bartenders. Bartenders continually meet new people and forge stronger relationships with regulars–while perpetually perfecting their bartending skills. We’ve compiled some great bartending tips and tricks to ensure your party guests’ experience is exceptional.

Properly Prepare

Make sure you have all the equipment and utensils you need to craft your party cocktails. The most common tools you’ll need are jiggers, strainers, stirrers, muddlers and fruit peelers. Make sure you have enough alcohol for the duration of the party. Also be sure you have enough glasses and garnishes to last the entire event, as well as fresh and flavorful fruit.

Communication is Critical

As with any job, communication and customer service is key. Treat each party guest like they are your number one priority. Let guests know of any specialty drinks. Be sure to check out the PartyLifter app for specialty and seasonal drinks you can offer guests. Showing you care with a sincere smile and good attitude go a long way.

Clean Work Area

Staying organized and having a clean bar will show your professionalism. It’s easy for bars to get wet and sloppy with spills. Having a clean and orderly workstation will enhance the party guests’ experience and will also keep you on track.

Stay Focused

It’s easy to become overwhelmed. You are likely to have busy and slow periods. When busy, focus on your current guest. Showing you are calm and cool will help you stay collected. Rushing too hurriedly will cause clumsy fumbles and flubs. Give yourself a mental pep talk if you have a thirsty crowd approaching the bar. Remember, you can do it!

Polished and Professional

Ensure your attire and attitude are ready to give guests a great bar experience. Be sure your shirt and slacks are clean and crisp. Make sure you follow all regulations and laws and always ask for proof of age.

Bartenders are an important part of the party. Hosts rely on bartenders for their knowledge, experience and professionalism. Ensuring party guests have a great time will guarantee you will too!

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