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DJs are top entertainment choices for parties and events. DJs are an affordable and practical choice whatever the occasion. Think about it, guests love to be wined and dined. They also like to be entertained and engaged. Having a DJ at your next party or event will ensure guests don’t dine and dash and stay to mix, mingle and enjoy the merriment of your celebration.


Some DJs specialize on specific parties or events. When vetting your DJ, be sure to find out what they’re experts at or do best. Do they primarily focus on private parties or wedding receptions? Are they better suited for a sweet sixteen party or a golden anniversary? Who you hire for your teenager’s birthday may be different from who you hire for your parents’ wedding anniversary.


Do you need a DJ who provides the role of an emcee? If you’re hiring a DJ for a wedding reception, you’ll probably need someone to make announcements, introductions and notifications. If your DJ is for a smaller event or you don’t need someone to announce activities, you can do without emcee services.


DJs in most cases are more cost effective than a live band. Additionally, DJs will play songs you know and love. Your expectations will likely be met if you choose a DJ. They’ll play songs by artists you and your guests request. If you hire a band or live performer, you can’t control their ability or skill. Additionally, they may not be able to take requests because they are unfamiliar with your song or music choice.

Crowd Pleasers

DJs are professionals. They can read and manage the crowd and play music that adds energy and exhilaration. A DJ with a strong stage presence will set the mood and keep guests moving on the dance floor. 

Finding the right DJ for your specific party can be a tough task. Using the PartyLifter app will showcase a variety of DJs for you to choose from.

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