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Ever wish you were that person who threw the biggest and best neighborhood bashes? That host who people rave about weeks later? The party no one forgets? Some people make hosting a party look effortless, while others seem to struggle. So, what’s the secret? Is it the guests? The food and drinks? The venue? Let’s take a look.

Details and first impressions matter

As the host, be sure to immediately greet your guests upon arriving. There is nothing worse than guests walking into your home or event space and feeling unacknowledged or unwelcome. Make each guest feel like they are the guest of honor. Be sure to guide guests to where they can have a drink or appetizer. Most of all, introduce your guest to others. Self introductions can be difficult for some people.

Keep the drinks coming

A good party has a drink selection that has something for everyone. Offer a variety of drinks from simple to sophisticated. Be sure to offer a few nonalcoholic alternates as well. The best parties have an onsite bartender. Consider hiring a local bartender so they can focus on your guests––so you can focus on your guests.

A memorable menu

Select items that will appeal to a variety of tastebuds. Classic comfort food favorites are always a hit. Stick to what you know your guests will like. Whether you have a multi-course sit-down dinner, lite bites, appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, or a buffet or barbecue, hire a server or two to make your party even more special. Hiring waitstaff will ensure you have the opportunity to eat with your guests.

Music makes the mood

Create a playlist that sets the mood or acts as a backdrop to your theme. Music adds extra energy, excitement and engagement. You may want to liven up your party with a local DJ. Having a DJ will allow you to enjoy the night with your guests. Your party DJ will also be able to take requests from your guests.

Have fun and enjoy the party

If you’re happy, chances are your guests are happy too. Alleviating stress through hiring a few extra helpers could potentially create the best party your guests have ever attended or you have ever thrown.

Let us know what your favorite party and event tips are. We’ll share them on social media!

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PartyLifter provides bartenders and servers and lets you select drinks for your parties and events.

PartyLifter provides bartenders and servers and lets you select drinks for your parties and events.